• Premiere Soil Stabilizing Solution

  • Cost Effective and Easy to Apply

  • Reduces Absorbed Water from Soil Particles

  • Improves Sub-Base Strength by Increasing Compaction

 Welcome to Compacto Global Group Web site.

Compacto Global Group is an Australian manufacturer and exporter of COMPACTO™ Soil Stabilizing products and solutions.

The main function of COMPACTO™ is to reduce the presence of water and aid compaction during road construction, by breaking down the chemical bond that exists surrounding all soil particles to release water thus increasing the density of the compacted area thereby minimising further water penetration within the soil matrix and sustaining compaction for a greater duration.

Areas of Application:

  •  Unsealed Roads
  •  Sub-grade treatment to engineered roads
  •  Agricultural and Forestry access roads
  •  Haul Roads
  •  Land reclamation and Dam Wall

The COMPACTO™ treated area becomes a barrier that inhibits the egress of water. The soils affinity to hold or absorb water is greatly reduced therefore sustaining and increasing compaction.

Compacto Global Group has witnessed over the past +25 years numerous unsuitable road conditions in many main roads and agricultural regions throughout the world, and have shared experiences with clients to find solutions for better and safer roads.

The statements, analysis, results and observations on this website apply to a general range of conditions and are based on information accumulated over many years of actual field experiences. Compacto Global Group is only too happy to share knowledge and answer your specific need, so we invite that you please  send  questions together with information of your situation and we will endeavour to provide  you with an appropriate response to assist with your specific soil stabilization problems as promptly as possible.

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