COMPACTO™ is a cost effective and easy to apply product. The costs of road construction and maintenance around the world today are becoming increasingly more expensive especially as labor and basic material costs continue to escalate. 
Pressures from the remote rural community as well as businesses engaged in the exploration and exploitation of raw materials are placing increased demands on all levels of Government bodies to provide and maintain roads to the basic expected standards in order to reach their destinations anytime of the year.  

Users of chemical stabilizers including COMPACTO™ report savings of:

A) Up to 75% in construction costs
B) Up to 85% in maintenance costs.   

In addition to the very low cost of maintenance, COMPACTO™ is probably the only product that keeps benefiting the treated area from maintenance as the more frequent the schedules of maintenance are performed, the stronger the treated area becomes. Sealants like cement, Asphalt and others despite the high cost of digging and cleaning the damaged surface it reduces the value of the treated area due to weakening the areas around the repaired portions.  

COMPACTO™offers many benefits to engineers, contractors and road-builders as an aid to reduce water permeability and improve compaction, especially where there is constant heavy road usage, traffic wear and where weather conditions cause severe repetitive problems. 

An Australian product COMPACTO™ is readily available in 200 litre drums and is fully supported by trained company staff offering application use and advice together with total service backup policy. 

What COMPACTO™ does:

INCREASES                                         DECREASES

- strength                                            - moisture
- density                                              - shrinkage
- compaction                                        - swell and heaving
- bearing ratio                                      - dust generation
- pavement life                                     - maintenance costs 

The biggest benefit of using COMPACTO™ is the increase in the CBR (California Bearing Ratio) which is the standard measure of density around the world using the correct material criteria, plus other benefits, including dewatering, etc which you can read in our attachments.  


1.   Reduces Absorbed Water from Soil Particles
2.   Improves Sub-Base Strength by Increasing Compaction
3.   Reduces Voids Creating Minimum Water Content and Eliminating Frost Heave and Break-Up 
4.   Helps Prevent Penetration of Superficial Water into the Sub-Base 
5.   Non-Toxic, Non-Poisonous When Diluted 
6.   No Adverse Effects on Flora or Fauna upon Application 
7.   Does not Sterilize or Contaminate Soil (It has already been used safely to reduce water seepage in fish ponds, water reservoirs, agricultural access roads, etc) 
8.   Can be applied at any time of the year in just about any workable in weather the drier the soil the Faster it can be applied 
9.   When diluted it will not Oxidize metal any more than Water 
10. Being in Liquid Form it is very easy to use and apply 
11. Adopt normal handling procedures as per the MSDS for all liquids, Mask, Gloves as a precaution 
12. Packed in New 200 Litre Regulation Export Plastic drums, or poly drums
13. Long Storage Life in its Concentrated Form

The following 4 diagrams illustrate the effects of water in the untreated soil and how COMPACTO™ performs in wet soil conditions.

Diagram 01:- “No COMPACTO™” used in this typical example:


Diagram 02:- “No COMPACTO™” treatment - Failure of the roads pavement and base


Also note the illustration on how "rutting" from wheels is not only a surface problem. In fact a sub-base failure is a cause for surface breakdown.

NOTE: Diagram 02 is intended to show how when the Sub-Base C fails or collapses, the Base B and the Surface Pavement A will fail to a similar extent.
The road Pavement A will only be as successful as the performance of the constructed Sub Base C.

The main object is to introduce COMPACTO™ into the imported fill Sub Base C. This will create the strong back upon which to carry the road.


Diagram 03:- “Treatment with COMPACTO™


Note: The objective is to control the penetration of water through the road from as many potential high risk areas as can be reasonably and efficiently achieved.

NOTE: Diagram 03 shows the treated Sub Base and the failure of the different water situations to effectively penetrate the constructed Sub Base of imported fill. Because the compaction result is enhanced to a denser formation there is an absence of voids and capillary water, there is no facility within the soil for the water to travel. Water has a minimal effect on the work. It is important to accept that a lot of money is expended on the construction of Pavement A and the Base B so therefore these works need to be protected by the introduction of COMPACTO™ into the Sub Base C 

Diagram 04:-Control the penetration of water through the road with COMPACTO™.


NOTE: Diagram 04 is a representation of a road constructed with COMPACTO™. Comparison between the design proposed with Diagram 01 and Diagram 04 shows that the structural intention has not changed. A change in the design is possible, however we only recommend changes after a further testing of the treated and compacted imported fill. 

Special Note: In every order of minimum 20 drums of 200 liters of COMPACTO™ we provide free of charge Technical Services which include travel to the Project Site to provide supervision during application and training the technical personnel of the client.