Prior to COMPACTO™ being registered, the product was formerly known as TerraFirma ISS Pty Ltd .partly owned by Andrew Fox who in the year 1992 took 100% of TerraFirma ISS Pty Ltd and placed it under Renard Pty Ltd owned by Andrew Fox and soon after he renamed it to COMPACTO™ and the product ever since is known globally as COMPACTO™.

The University of Queensland evaluated thoroughly the various soil data provided by us from completed projects around the world and in 1992 engaged in a series of tests, re-engineered the product to make it suitable not only to treat  in-situ soils but also capable of treating modified and blended soils. In effect the re-formulated COMPACTO™ was converted into a versatile Soil De-watering and soil stabilizing Ionic chemical solution capable which can treat and stabilize in-situ as well as all types of modified soil groups.

COMPACTO™ is a soil de-watering, soil stabilizer and compaction aid which was developed in Australia more than 50 years ago. In order to meet the demands of treating a wider range of soil criteria COMPACTO™ over the years underwent several reformulations and re-engineering and in every project where the product was used, delivered to the client very satisfactory and it proven its values as a very effective soil dewatering and soil compaction aid. 

Important Disclaimer

COMPACTO™ is not a “cure all miraculous” soil stabilizer product. However, satisfactory field results from completed projects, as well as laboratory tests reports are proving the re-formulated and re-engineered COMPACTO™ does the job for which it was created to do. That it helps strengthen masses of loose soil particles by compaction and in the process create and maintain stable sub base and base, making it passable even during very wet weather conditions by the remote rural communities. Proof to the above claims is the fact that so far COMPACTO™ is the only product which has success stories from every completed project and these results were achieved due to the effectiveness of the product and our personal supervision at every single project to ensure the proper application of product.