Effects of COMPACTO™ in soil Compressibility.

COMPACTO™ performs best in clay type of soils where during compaction the product helps to increase compressibility of the soil particles and in the process expelling the excess moisture and air resulting in forming a permanent solid sub base which supports loads and prevents excessive water absorption during wet weather conditions.

A well compacted soil assisted by the presence of COMPACTO™ contain very small pores which reduces substantially, the permeability of water resulting in keeping soil particles together during all types of wet weather conditions.

COMPACTO™ helps soil particles to shrink during compaction and prevents swelling when wet. As most clay soils have high levels of shrinkage and swelling, potentially occurring during varying moisture conditions, the re-formulation and re-engineering of COMPACTO™ was based on de-watering soils particles, to prevent shrinking and swelling of the compacted soil particles.