How COMPACTO™ affects the permeability of compacted soil particles.

           Based on our personal experiences from various COMPACTO™ project sites from around the world, the basic criteria to characterize the permeability of soil is by measuring the water passing through the soil particles. Through loose non-compacted soil particles, water passes unhindered, fills up the pores and voids, consequently depending on the plasticity content in the soil particles, after saturation will expand accordingly resulting in muddy surface. Soil particles with high plasticity content, expand accordingly and create the muddy and soft non passable road.

This problem is identical in fine grained clay soils in which the combination of high water permeability together with the high plasticity content in clay type of soils, comprise the most difficult soil condition during wet weather conditions.

            While for many other stabilizing products the solution to this problem might be a tough challenge, for COMPACTO™, has been proven the ideal soil criteria to achieve its maximum results. Proper application of COMPACTO™ which is an effective compaction aid, shrinks, reduces pores and voids in the treated / compacted area and agglomerates the soil particles into a tightly compacted but flexible solid soil structure, effectively forming a kind of semi- water resistant solid flexible mass of well compacted soil.

Adding to this, are the dewatering values of the re-engineered COMPACTO™, this flexible solid mass remains in this form for ever and instead of weakening over time, it is further strengthened every time maintenance takes place and more COMPACTO™ is added to repair the damaged surface.

            However, in cases of coarse-grained soil, even after compaction the degree of water permeability will remain high due to the presence of pores and voids. Such types of soil fall out of the treatable criteria of COMPACTO™ and blending with high plasticity clay soil is recommended to achieve the desirable results.

We are not claiming to have developed the cure all miracle product, but with proper blending of soils our re-engineered COMPACTO™ can be considered as a versatile chemical solution capable of keeping stabilized terrains during heavy precipitations.

These are the results which the re-formulated /re-engineered COMPACTO™ was designed to bring and these are the results our clients are asking us to deliver. Help to Shrink, Compact and substantially reduce the egress of water into the treated mass of soils to maintain passable surfaces in all kinds of wet weather.

            Environmental Impact of COMPACTO™ is an environmentally friendly product as it is designed to be used safely as a soil compaction additive with no hazardous chemicals and toxic elements.
(Please refer to our Environmental Impact Statement in the Pro Environment Goals)

It has been used safely for many years in large networks of farm roads through rice fields, sugar cane plantations, rubber, palm, banana plantations, golf courses even as compaction aid to reduce seepage at the bottoms of fish ponds, water reservoirs without any complain by any environmental or health organization in the world.

COMPACTO™’s Environment friendliness has been proven when used in commercial fish ponds with prawns and crayfish which are considered as the most sensitive creatures to environmental changes, In fact we have noticed in many cases it enhances vegetation growth at the sides of roads and treated areas if not used by traffic.