Pro Environment Goals

Environmental Impact of COMPACTO™ 

COMPACTO™ is an environmentally friendly product which is designed to be used safely as a soil compaction additive and de-waterant with no hazardous chemicals and toxic elements or effects.

It has been used safely for many years in large networks of farm roads, through rice fields, sugar, rubber, palm, banana plantations, golf courses, as a compaction aid to reduce seepage at the bottom of fish ponds, water reservoirs without any complains from environmental or health organizations.

In fact, we have noticed in many cases that it enhances vegetation growth at the sides of roads and treated areas not used by traffic.




The Mission and Vision of Compacto Global Group is to share with our clients the many years of experience and data accumulated from our various projects around the world and try to help eradicate extremely harsh rural road conditions such as the following:

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with an aim to hopefully improve them where possible with similar results as with these roads

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Through the years, COMPACTO™ has helped in the building and improving of durable roads in remote rural communities, various types of plantations, agricultural farms, forest roads and access roads, but to name a few, in many countries. The de-watering and  stabilization of badly affected soil conditions at greatly reduced cost compared to current road construction prices and practices gives us the confidence that our mission and vision can be achieved resulting in building better and safer all-weather useable roads.